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Jan    January 2024

Feb    February's 5

Mar    March 2024

Apr    April 2024 Reynolds Garden Party

May   May Days - 2024











Jan   Beauty to Begin - 2023

Feb   Colors for February

Mar   Spatial Disclosures, work by Nona Hershey and Nan Tull

Apr    Big/Little - April 2023

May   Surface to Surface - print exhibition

Jun    Summertime Begins

Jul     Duet - Teri Malo and Leslie Parke

Aug   Beachy - August 2023

Sep    Remembering Donald Kelley

Oct    Dmitri Cavander New Work

Nov    Print Selections 

Dec    December Salon Exhibition



Jan   Constance Jacobson - Uneasy Sense of Balance

Feb   Michael Palmer and Ida Schmulowitz

Mar   Group Show, Christina Hall-Strauss, M. Palmer and I. Schmulowitz

Apr    Steve Imrich - Field Notes

May  Dmitri Cavander, Robin Reynolds and Rose Umerlik

Jun   June Group Show

Jul     Land, Sea and Sky

Aug   Summer Selections

Sep    Leslie Parke - River of Paint

Oct    October Group Show

Nov    Christopher Chippendale - Blue, Yellow and Red

Dec    December Selections



Jan    Eva Navarro and Rose Umerlik

Mar    Susan Demchak

Apr    Collectibles - Dmitri Cavander

Jul     Nancy Mitton-Water and Sky

Aug  Summer Group Exhibit

Sep   Dmitri Cavander - New Paintings

Oct   Group of 3

Dec   Kernan - Against the Grain


Feb    Our Bodies, Our Ice - works by Heddi Siebel

Mar    Gestural Paintings by Karin gielen and Rose Umerlik

Jul      Above it All: paintings by Steve Imrich

Sep    The Cloud - new work by Nona Hershey

Oct     Living on Earth - new work by Christopher Chippendale

Nov    Sudden Light - New Work by Leslie Parker

Dec    Group of Four


Feb    Sojourn - works by Heddi Siebel

Apr    Jennifer Caine - new work

May    Robin Reynolds - Botanical Poesies

Jun    Thaddeus Beal - Black and White

July    Summer Exhibition

Sep    Prints Exhibition

Oct    Group of Three - L. Parke, N. Mitton & R. Umerlik

Nov    Catherine Kernan - Time and Again - monoprints

Dec   Dmitri Cavander - New Paintings



Feb    Curated Print Exhibition

Mar    Christopher Chippendale

Apr    Rose Umerlik

May   Nona Hershey - Viewpoints

Jun    UMass Dartmouth - MFA Thesis Exhibition

Jul     Michael Palmer

Aug   Summer Exhibition

Sep    Leslie Parke

Oct    Group Exhibition

Nov    Ole Brodersen - Trespassing


Feb    Nancy Dyer Mitton - On the Horizon

Mar    Ida Schmulowitz - Changes

Apr    Robin Reynolds - efflorescence

May    Catherine Kernan -perimeters

Jun    Eva Navarro - Infinite Ways

Jul     Steve Imrich and Richard Rosa - In Plane View

Aug   Summer Selections

Sep    Thaddeus Beal - Narrative Lines

Oct    Dmitri Cavander - New Paintings

Nov    Susan Gheyssari - Inspired by Ballet


Feb    Susan Gheyssari - spirit of ballet

Mar    Donald C. Kelley

Apr    Adria Arch and Anne Krinsky

May   Nona Hershey

Jun    Maya Chaimovich

July   Collectibles

Aug   Summer Group Exhibition

Sep   Leslie Parke

Oct   Nan Tull

Nov   Kinuko Imai Hoffman


Jan    Heidi Siebel - 82 degrees North

Feb    Leslie Parke - Place Settings

Mar    Marjorie Forte & Thad Beal

Apr    Catherine Kernan

May   Michael Palmer

Jun    Jennifer Caine

Jul     Afternoon at the Beach

Sep    Thaddeus Beal - Broken Symmetry

Oct    Dmitri Cavander - New Paintings

Nov   Christopher Chippendale - New Paintings


Jan    Works on Paper

Feb    D. Englander, C. Hall-Strauss & J. Bonner

Mar    Thaddeus Beal

Apr    Kinuko Imai Hoffman

May   Christopher Chippendale

Jun    Eva Navarro

Jul     Sara Kahn and Roy Perkinson

Aug   August Salon

Sep    Rose Umerlik

Oct    Maya Chaimovich

Nov    Nancy Dyer Mitton


Feb    Works on Paper

Mar    Catherine Kernan

Apr    Aithan Shapira

May   Michael Palmer

Jun    UMass Dartmouth - MFA Thesis Show

Jul     Haley, Denaro and Sanders

Sep    Dmitri Cavander

Oct    Robin Reynolds

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