Constance Jacobson
Uneasy Sense of Balance
New Paintings

Teeter (above)

acrylic on paper, 45.5" x 31.5", 2019

$5000 unframed


Exhibition dates :  January 7th to January 29th

Gallery Hours: Thursday - Saturday, Noon to 5:00 PM

or by appointment

Boston Mandate:  Proof of Vaccination Required to Enter.

Also Facemasks required , thank you.




  Uneasy Sense of Balance - New Paintings by

Constance Jacobson

Some of the most recent paintings in the Tower Series are a response to the intense

gentrification and construction in my Fenway neighborhood.  In what was once a village-like atmosphere of small, brick apartment buildings, enormous, expensive towers have sprouted up quickly.  More of them are on the way.  Surprisingly, I am attracted to the geometry of the scaffolding needed to erect these buildings, especially from a distance when the total structure can be viewed in its entirety.

Over the course of this series, I've realized that the paintings are really self-portraits in building form - the singular tower being a figure substitute, perhaps a visual metonomy.  They look like they are collaged, but their  component parts are built up with paint overlay, one shape on top of another and assembled to suggest a teetering and uneasy sense of balance and disequilibrium